85% residential 2nd mortgage to payoff multiple collections AND $24,000 of residential property tax arrears, beacons 560 and 546

Request: Collection agency referred deal to DLC agent in order to refinance house equity to settle various collections and stop property tax sale with payment of massive tax arrears. Total required funds to accomplish goal was $49,000.00


  • Proceeds required to pay off and/or settle six derogatory credit accounts
  • Proceeds required to pay off $24,000 of residential property tax in arrears (many years’ worth)
  • Both applicants credit very bruised with beacons of 560 and 546
  • Smaller Alberta community location of approx. 25,000 population


  • Deal was referred to DLC Agent who in turn referred the deal to Plan B to assist in locating financing and communicating with consumer
  • Deal was referred to Plan B on the 17th who had direct questions and communications with the consumer
  • Situation was digested and lender sourced out by the 20th
  • Approval was obtained and presented to consumer directly on 26th
  • Approval yielded enough funds to fully pay property tax, settle all pressing collection and net the consumer approx. $6,000 in pocket
  • Referral source pleased with full payment, client pleased with finances once again under control with monthly payments that fits the budget, referring DLC agent has happy client and referral source for life
  • Referring DLC agent to receive 300bps commission