Why Plan B?

plan b staff have years of experience and knowledge as b lenders and have fine-tuned their processes to reduce difficulties for the benefit of the broker.

Here are Plan B’s Benefits and Process


  • All objections are always met with numerous options for client to choose from
  • Sharper approval terms with access to more than 200 alternative and private lenders across Canada
  • Guaranteed retention of your client
  • 50% revenue made on all bps generated through Plan B’s approvals
  • No difficult or uncomfortable application and sales processes
  • Increased time and efficiency by delegating the burden of timely and challenging B files
  • No cost, no effort, no risk
  • More options for your valuable clients and increased revenue for your business


  • Identify a particular application as Alt-A, B or private
  • Submit to Plan B via telephone, fax, email or Filogix
  • Underwriting team evaluates application, determines package strategy and best fit lender
  • Timely updates communicated to broker and consumer

Numerous characteristics about an application can move it into the B Sector

There is many factors other than just low beacon scores or bruised credit. Lets review some of these factors:

  • Bruised credit history / score
  • Bankruptcies, Consumer Proposal, credit cousilling. Both active and discharged
  • High debt load and/or utilization
  • GDS / TDS not in line with institutional lender requirements
  • Income sources and verification requirements
  • Down payment sources and verification requirements
  • Property type, condition, location, zoning or intended use
  • Changes in the default insurers policy and guidelines
  • Time frame required to fund mortgage – rushes

Challenges when dealing with B Applications

Limited selection of available lenders

Plan B has access to approx. 250 Alt A / B and private lenders

Difficult client interviews/applications

Our team has been doing this for over 10 years. We are the experts and enjoy doing it

Greater degree of difficulty in seeking & collecting acceptable lender condition requirements

Ideally all requested/collected up front, we know what conditions to expect for max efficiency

How to build, present and monitor action plans to return clients back to A sector

Plan B will create the best plausible plan to benefit you, your business and your client

Higher rates and fees to present and sell

Alt A Sales path/cycle is unique. We are highly skilled, experience and enthusiastic in this path

Greater number of client objections

Objections are always met with full disclosure and explanation along with numerous options for client to choose from

Experience on how to package and present B applications to lenders for optimal approvals

Plan B staff has extensive years of experience as B lenders has fined tuned this required knowledge

  • I live in Prince George and am limited to the lenders and LTV’s that are available to my clients. At first I submitted a few declines to Plan B and they were able to get them approved at LTV’s that my regular B lenders were unable to approve. Since those initial approvals, I submit the majority of my B business directly to Plan B as I find the turn around, communication and paperwork to be excellent! It’s like having a team right in my office underwriting my B files. Working with Plan B has allowed me to continue servicing my B clients without numerous phone calls and emails normally involved in placing the business, which can be very time consuming. I would highly recommend Plan B as they are very broker, efficient and a welcome addition to my team.

    - Martin D. Krell
  • For me it was about working together. Plan B worked as my partner and were always represented as such. I was allowed as much involvement as I wanted. No stone was left unturned to get a mortgage for my clients’. The service was outstanding, members of the team were always available by phone, email or by appointment, even on Saturday. Deals were put together that I would have lost, if not for Plan B resulting in more deals funded, more commissions and more satisfied clients

    - Allan Ross
  • I just want to let you know how easy and pain-free I have found the process of using Plan B Mortgage Services. As a busy Mortgage Professional I don’t always have the time or resources to work with my “B” clients. Handing them off to Greg and his team allow me the comfort of knowing that my clients will get the best deal possible with the service they deserve… and I get a nice cheque in the end as well. It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

    - Tammy Poirier
  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Greg at Plan B mortgages. They honestly produced a miracle. I’m a broker who has considerable expertise with the realm of private lending but after working on a client’s file for a few weeks and going through countless private lenders, I was unable to find financing for my client. Greg had access to a private lender that I didn’t have and at a fair rate and fee. The client was ecstatic and I came out looking like a Super Star. I love Plan B and will defiantly use them again.

    - Sky Phillips
  • Thanks to Plan B my clients think I’m a miracle worker!

    I had exhausted all avenues on finding my clients refinance money. If it weren’t for Greg, Allan and the team my clients would be losing their home and I’d not have earned over $3,000 in commission. My clients were amazed (as was I, frankly). All of the work, including disclosure documents was done by Plan B. It was so easy I almost had to laugh. I could have taken full credit for this deal if I wanted. This service is the best thing since screw caps on wine bottles.

    They’ve got my full support.

    - Julie Gillespie