422 and 529 beacon, mobile home on pad rent purchase on native lease land

Request: Help locate financing for a pad rent mobile home purchase for a couple who moved into a new town for a new employment opportunity. Subject is also located on native lease land.

Challenge: Very bruised credit for extremely low beacons, previous ex bankrupt, payday loan collections after bankruptcy, current active trades in major derogatory status
Income is from a job that has not even started yet as they are moving towns. Hence weak stability with new living location with a new employer
Subject property was a mobile home in a trailer park with a monthly pad rent
Subject located on native leased land


  • DLC agent referred deal to Plan B on a Tuesday afternoon
  • Plan B sourced out an approval which was presented to client on that same weeks Thursday
  • Appraisal was the only lenders condition
  • Client understood the challenges the file presented and happily accepted the terms as they fell within their budget
  • 1 year term @ 10.50% with 1.50% lender fees
  • Referring broker received amazing accolades and a 415bps commission check