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Self Employed Income Solutions

Have you had issues getting approved for loans because you are business for self/self-employed? Many banks, credit unions and other lenders have pretty tight income guidelines, which may not always work with how you’ve set up your business. These days, having a great credit background isn’t always enough to get approvals, and if you’ve tried and had issues with their criteria, you aren’t alone.

Due to these circumstances, it has created a bit of a niche market for a new set of lenders, who have a more open mind with self-employed applicants. If we can reasonably show lenders that you have the means to make all the payments comfortably, there are lenders and specifically still bank/institutions who can help.

This can apply to many different fields, such as commission sales, (some cash jobs), service industry (tips), disability pay, and pension pay.

Plan B has done thousands of these types of files, and if you are having issues as your income is written down, or not established enough please reach out.

To get more information on how we can assist you, please call us at 604-464-0960 or underwriting@planbmortgage.ca