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Collections & Collection Agency Debt

Collections agencies have a very bad reputation and are not the types of companies you want to have hounding you. If you have had some credit accounts which have turned to collections, which is now resulting in you being turned down by banks, keep in mind it’s much more common than you think.

There are a number of lenders out there who can look past a few blemishes since nobody chooses to have collection items on their bureaus. They are almost always caused by illness, injury, or some other misfortune and everyone has the intent of paying off their debts to begin with. Life events can happen, so having the right team on your side, who know the space and understanding lenders, can make a huge difference. The team at Plan B are specialists at bruised credit and dealing with collection agencies. We can give you expert advice, not only how to clean up your credit, but tips on how to settle and possibly help negotiate discounts on your outstanding balances.

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